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Epic Madrid

Join our tour "Epic Madrid" where we will show you the landmarks of the city that you cannot miss. Medieval streets, unknown stories and legends that will make you see the city through new eyes. This is the essential tour!

Haunted Madrid

Discover the dark stories behind the oldest parts of the city. We will talk about the inquisition..the witches, spirits and miracles that haunt the history of the city, then we will move in the old Jewish quarter of Madrid... Do you dare?

Dark Side of Madrid

Want to live a unique experience?

An adventure that mixes legends with disturbing stories that shook entire generations of the city.

Romantic Tour

If you want to surprise your partner with an alternative view of the city ant at same time you uncover the most passionate stories from within Madrid, this tour will not disappoint you.

Secrets of Madrid

How many riddles can hide in a city for more than 2000 years?
We reveal some of them as we move into the old "Barrio de las letras" and the Paseo del Prado.

Old taverns.

Enjoy and evening of Tapas and Learn about the history of Madrid whilst you discover some of the most traditional taverns in the city.

Old City VIP

Discover the curiosities and mysteries behind some of the oldest parts of the city with your own private guide.

Madrid on Segway

One of the most enjoyable ways of visiting the capital, you get the opportunity to discover the streets and history of the city via Segway.

Wait, we have more!

Pub Crawl

If what you like is to meet new people in an open and fun environment, this tour is for you. Discover why people often say: "From Madrid to Heaven!"

Flamenco in Madrid

Enjoy a night in Madrid and see of the best Flamenco shows the city has to offer of the world famous dance.

Madrid on Wheels

Here is the opportunity to discover the most characteristic places of the capital on a real classic car.

Madrid on a day

This tour is our crown jewel. If your looking to see the whole city in just one day, through an adventure that will last between 5 and 6 hours. We will show you the most iconic elements of the city centre.

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